"Kumbh Mela is the largest gathering of human beings for any reason anywhere in the world." Photo Source : en.wikipedia.org

About us and India

India is a mix of amazing diversity, where the penetration of cellular phones, in the last five years is more than the total number of telephone connections over the past five decades. It is possible to make an international call from places where there is no potable drinking water available.

The top Consumer Company in India does business worth USD 6 billion, just in the Indian Market.

Schools still teach Sanskrit and now they also teach computers starting from Third Grade.

The Indian Institutes of Technology are rated among the best undergraduate engineering educators in the world.

India boasts of world class domestic private airlines and also of the largest railway network in the world.

India has the largest IT service and Business Process Outsourcing Industry in the world.

Indian civilization is approximately 5000 yrs old.

Indian Population is currently 1.4 Billion, with the largest population in the world between the ages of 15-25 years.

India has summers in which temperatures soar to 45 degree Celsius which translates directly to a very huge - thirsty population (the second largest in the world), where the cold drink industry majors sell at a billion dollars a year and are seeing double digit growth.

It also has one of the most respected judiciaries in the world.

Number of states 29, 7 Union Territories, 1 NCR, 125 cities

Geographical Area: 3, 287, 240 Sq. kms (7th Largest in the world)

Height of Highest Mountain - Kanchenjunga - 8586 m

780 different languages, 86 Scripts, 8 major religions

GDP - 3.18 Trillion USD

Headquartered in India's Capital, New Delhi, PROSPECT takes care of Searches for clients across the Indian sub-continent and through Agilium, in other parts of the world.

There are perhaps very few firms, in India, which could better our reputation as a serious and efficient practitioner of high-end Executive Search.

The firm has managed to combine the sophistication and transparency, that is required to be able to work with the world's finest corporations, with a deep understanding of the multicultural, deep, complex melting pot that is India.

The professionals that the firm has placed over the years are respected business leaders today.