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Almost all of Prospect's clients have these in common:

  • They all have a common belief that the right hire is the most critical precursor to good business.
  • They respect their Search partner.
  • They are very high on closure and extremely high on ownership of the process.
  • They know when to take over the process and never mistake their role for that of the Search Company.
  • They tend to place the highest level of person possible on the job of hiring and manage to create an enabling environment of buy in.
  • They define their need clearly and work with very clear cut time frames.


  • CEO/Director Searches to either head a business, start it up, or replace a non-performing top manager.
  • Functional Head Searches in which the Client brief is very clear-find us the best/most appropriate person for this function, in the land.
  • Turnkey searches in which the Client's brief is to help them set up the entire Leadership Team over a pre-decided time line.
  • Key Management Intervention. Where the client asks the search firm to work on a totally classified assignment, either to do with starting a new business, an emerging new strategy or a necessary new expertise.

PROSPECT has also occasionally intervened at mid levels within organization to help them hire and create strategically.


What the clients receive at the end of a search

  • Detailed Map of target companies and contenders.
  • A note on Strategy.
  • A detailed report highlighting the relevant particulars of the shortlisted candidates.
  • Facilitation in the final hiring process.
  • Feedback on the incumbent's first six months on the new job.